In 1988, Gilles CHEVALIER, a former kitchen specialist in the naval industry, founded BEGC to provide a response to the lack of skills available in the field of catering facilities and to meet the catering stakeholders’ ever-growing needs for kitchen expertise.

Continued growth prompted BEGC’s move to larger premises and in 1993, the company left for a new location, the old movie theatre « L’Eden » in Nantes.

At the onset of the new millenium, BEGC developed a plan for communication to promote the activity and the business online, and to multiply experience feedback. The firm joined FCSI, The Foodservice Consultants Society International.

As a result of their successful development strategy, BEGC has grown over the years and expanded its team to become a major supplier of commercial kitchen services.

BEGC‘s key figures today : 17 employees, around 1,400 projects completed and nearly as many regular clients and partners… And 30 years devoted to make catering facilities a pleasant and efficient working space.


BEGC, specialised in kitchen engineering, is above all a dedicated team of skilled and committed individuals. We provide expertise in the design of commercial kitchens and catering facilities, and beyond technical know-how, we offer tailored solutions with a human approach to the kitchen business. Because each project is unique, the catering spaces we design reflect the contextual background as well as the architectural vision of the place. We define the outlines of the project through open dialogue with the client and the various stakeholders (project management, users, architects, design & engineering services) and through examination of potential constraints.

The essence of our work is basically to create food production equipment which is didactic, safe and efficient, easy to use and maintain. Driven by the « marche en avant » principle (forward flow to prevent cross contamination), our design concepts are well thought-out. To optimise performance, we opt for fewer movements around the kitchen to give priority to the work tops. We also ensure that clean items never cross paths with unclean items. Hygiene and food safety are the result of smart technical options that make it easier to maintain the equipment and the premises. We tackle environmental challenges : quality of work with a focus on ergonomic design and atmosphere (natural light, glass partitions etc), acoustic comfort, ease of maintenance, water and energy efficiency.