This is a preliminary survey recommended for refurbishment projects.

A Diagnostic is carried out in order to collect data on the site and from the project management team. The data consists of a variety of documents and materials (photos, surfaces, equipment, functionality…). The aim of the diagnostic is to reveal any dysfunction or non-compliance with the organisation in its existing form. Once the needs have been clarified, there is a cross-check analysis of the data collected. This is the second step (Feasability) which leads to the definition of the functional and technical directions, and budget evaluation.

For construction projects, feasability is limited to the definition of the needs and of the technical and financial outlines of the project. In this case, it is called Definition.

French public tenders are governed by law (« loi MOP ») and has to a great extent inspired the private sector.

We act as a co-contractor or sub-contractor within the project team which consists of the architect / the main contractor / the design office in charge of the implementation of the project (construction, refurbishment).

The core assignment features a number of research and construction stages. The Project Draft suggests several operational orientations to the Project Management team.

Once chosen, the Project Draft scenario is developed during the stage called Preliminary Outline, resulting in the presentation of a layout plan showing the equipment per area. The next step is the Detailed Outline which specifies the fluid distribution and structural work for the different types of equipment and sets out the « equipment » budget allocated to the project.

A very detailed Project Study is then completed and sent to the relevant equipment manufacturers and fitters. Based on the study, they will be able to write their business proposals.

In the Work Contract Assistance stage, the various offers sent by the equipment manufacturers and fitters are collected and submitted to the Project Management team, for analysis. Only then, the contractors are selected.

The other stages named VISA, DET (Direction for Execution of Work Contracts) and AOR (Delivery Assistance) refer to project supervision including compliance to the approved plans, appropriate installation of the equipmen,t in line with the technical requirements specified in the Project Study. DET is closed when « project perfectly achieved » is reached.

For international projects, our project management missions take into account the local habits and regulations of the country.

We also offer a range of services outside the normal realm of the above-mentioned activities. We provide technical and functional advisory services to clients/project managers. Together we define the outlines of their project and open new avenues of thought. We give support in projects under way, in the event of obstacles, and offer a fresh and objective look. If need be, we work with partners that have related or complementary skills to our own expertise (decoration, design, planning and consulting…).